An open initiative for independent mobility.

Join us in building a low-cost navigation system for the blind and visually impaired so that everyone can have the freedom of independently exploring and navigating in an unknown urban environment*.

(*In a way that isn’t invasive and conflicting with the other senses)


What does it take to change the urban environment to provide the necessary infrastructure for an open navigation system for the blind and visually impaired?

We are proposing an open & modular hardware/software ecosystem to tailor for the wide range of navigational challenges and use-cases that the visually impaired may experience while independently exploring unfamiliar places.

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Using mostly open hardware/software, we are building a series of simple & low-cost prototypes of Bluetooth-enabled haptic interfaces integrated in a white cane‘s grip with beacons.

These prototypes can be connected to smartphones and beacons using Bluetooth Low Energy (such as iBeacon) and can be rebuilt, improved and be modified by Makers around the globe.

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Location Finding (via beacons).

Easily locate points of interest both indoors and outdoors by triggering the beacon to sound out the name of the location directly from the white cane’s grip - allowing to quickly tell its direction and distance. As you approach each beacon, the grip pulses vibrations of different lengths to give accurate distance feedback to the beacon.

BlindSquare Remote Control

Control the popular BlindSquare iPhone App directly from the white cane’s grip without the need to pull it out of your pocket. As you travel and discover new areas, you have realtime and context-specific access to descriptions of the environment, points of interest, and street intersections.

Access Public Transport and City Infrastructure Information

Using ID Signal Control, activate a speaker on a street corner, the tram, train or bus to sound out its number and any useful information simply by pressing a button on the white cane‘s grip.


Our work for is licencend under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

We invite everyone to work together on extending this project!
(Maker, designer, tester, manufacturers, city departments, etc.)

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